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What are we studying?

For people with SCI who have lost the use of their legs, surface electrical stimulation of the buttocks can enable contractions in their gluteus muscles. Those contractions provide mechanical and vascular stimulation that relieves pressure around bones, thereby reducing the risk of developing pressure ulcers. In this project, we will test feedback in the gluteus by measuring forces from the hamstring muscle.

How will we do that?

Surface and recording electrodes will be placed on the gluteus of participants. Electrical stimulation will be provided to the gluteus, while a pressure plate lifts the leg and generates forces on the hamstring. Recording electrodes will monitor the feedback.

Who can participate?

Adults with complete SCI who have some arm function.

What are some potential benefits?

You should expect no direct or immediate benefit. The results will help us to refine our gluteus stimulation garments (Smart-e-Pants), which may help reduce pressure ulcers in SCI individuals.

How much time does it take?

One visit to the lab for two to three hours.



Su Ling Chong
Tel: 780-492-3796